Borja Baragaño
I'm an Asturian bagpipe, flute and uilleann pipe player that plays Asturian, Irish, Scottish, Breton... music and lives in Germany!

I started at 4 years old, learning Asturian traditional dance and when I was 9, I took my very first Asturian bagpipe lesson. From that to starting with the flute at 17, it was bagpipe competitions, pipe bands and stuff like that. From 17 to now was when I really enjoyed Asturian and other celtic music. I've played (and still do play) with several Asturian groups like Llangres, DRD, Acuéi!?, N'arba and Felpeyu and toured different countries like Asturies, Spain, Britanny, France, England, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland..., and I've recorded in a handful of albums as a band member or as guest musician.

Since 1998, I've taught Asturian bagpipes and flute in a couple of Asturian traditional music schools and lately I've been teaching uilleann pipe as well.

Borja Baragaño

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